Public Lecture - Fr. Simon Lobo: Sept 17th

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Fr. Simon Lobo Public Lecture: Endurance- Becoming a Disciple who finishes the race

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Commissioning - Class of 2014

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Commissioning 2014 Read Bishop Donald Bolen's Homily from the Commissioning Mass.
Watch / Read Janaya Trudel's Valedictory Address from the Commissioning Banquet.
Click Here to view all the photos from the Commissioning Mass and Banquet for the St. Therese Class of 2014.

Springtime Of The Faith - 2014

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St. Therese Institute and St. Stephen's University fomalize transfer credit agreement.Each Spring, St. Therese Institute opens its doors for the "Springtime Of The Faith" conferences: a series of 10 back-to-back conferences that are both open to the public and a part of the student curriculum. Theology of the Body, Ignatian Discernment, and Theology of Evangelization are just three examples. There's something for everybody!

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Bruno Bound: A Testimony from the Theology of the Body

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Christopher WestThis testimony from one of the participants of last year's "Theology of the Body" conference originally appeared in Serena Saskatchewan's February newsletter, "Coverline."

When our President Couple gifted me with an all-expense paid trip to Bruno for a 5-day “Theology of the Body” course with guest speaker Christopher West, my jaw dropped...

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St. Therese and St. Stephen's University Establish Transfer Credit Agreement

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St. Therese Institute and St. Stephen's University fomalize transfer credit agreement.Today, St. Therese Institute and St. Stephen's University in St. Stephen's, NB formalized a transfer credit agreement that will give alumni of St. Therese a full year's worth of credits toward a degree at St. Stephen's University. This memorandum of understanding opens up exciting new opportunities for students of St. Therese Institute, as well as prospective students of St. Stephen's University.

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9-Month Faith Formation Program for Adults

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 July 2013 16:10


Do you want to find out more about the great truths that Catholic Church proclaims and its 2000 years of history? Do you need to take some time to decide where you're headed in life? Do you want to know more about God? Do you want to build your confidence and self worth? These are just a few of the reasons why people from all across Canada have come to study at St. Therese! APPLY TODAY and make an unregrettable investment in your future!

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