Student Reflections (from the Class of 2020)

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At the year-end Commissioning Celebration, students share about their experience of learning and growing through their time at St. Therese. Here are the refelctions of 7 of our Class of 2020*.
Students features: Kalista Nugent (1 - frist-year), Isaac Bourke (2 - second-year), Janelle Ryan (2), Mathieu Gauther (1), Keelin Kennedy (1), Jacob Anderson(1) and Gabby Marshall (3 - third-year S.T.A.Y.**)
*The COVID-19 Pandemic shortened our 2019-2020 program to six months instead of nine. You will notice this fact reflected in the students' reflections.
** STAY: St. Therese Apostolic Year; a student leadership/internship year for students who have completed the second-year program and which to further develop their leadship abilities while studying and living in the context of the St. Therese student community,

Another student address that forms an important part of our Commissioning Celebration is the Valedictory Address, given this year by Andrea Bator (1).
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