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The Catherine Doherty Bursary
$500 Bursary Application

Information & Elegibilty

Bursaries Available: Three (3) bursaries are available, each in the amount of $500, two (2) for students who will participate in the first year program and one (1) for a student in the second year program.

Eligibility: The Catherine Doherty Bursary will be awarded to a student enrolled in the 2018-2019 formation program at St. Therese Institute's School of Faith and Mission who has financial need and demonstrates an understanding of the role of the lay faithful in the Church today and the importance of lay formation.

Applicaiton Deadline: Completed application for the Catherine Doherty Bursary must be received at St. Therese no later than:
   •• 12 noon on Friday, August 23, 2019, for 2019-2020 second year students
•   • •12 noon on Wednesday, August 30, 2019, for 2019-2020 first year students

Application Submission: Applications must be submitted online using the below form (preferred method), or the the attention of Vicky Serblowski, Executive Director, by mail, fax, or e-mail.

Notification of award will be given only to the selected recipients of the bursary, prior to their arrival at St. Therese for the start of the program year.


Contact Information

Financial Need

The Catherine Doherty Bursary is available to students who need financial assistance to participate in the formation program at St. Therese School of Faith and Mission. Why do you need this bursary? Please offer as much detail as you deem necessary,

Essay Response:

Please complete the appropriate essay below (500-750 words):

Essay Topic for FIRST YEAR STUDENTS:Please describe your understanding of the role of the lay faithful in the Church today and describe how you, as a lay person, have personally participated in the mission of the Church.

Essay Topic for SECOND YEAR STUDENTS:By His hidden presence for years in Nazareth, Jesus sanctified family life and made it the primary place of formation in the faith. St. Thérèse’s faith was formed and developed within her family in Lisieux, and her Little Way grew out of the family context.
Please describe your understanding of the importance of the family spirit in the growth of a person as a disciple of Christ.