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Financial Aide — Perhaps the missing piece

We presently have two different bursaries available to assist students who need some extra financial help to make enrolling in St. Therese Institute's  School of Faith and Mission faith formation program a possibility. 

Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Bursary

$1000 Bursary (one available)
One annual $1000 bursary offered through the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation to one selected applicant who will be attending St. Therese Institute's Nine-Month Faith Formation Program.
To be eligible for the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Bursary, the applicant must themselves be a Knights of Columbus member, or the spouse, child or grandchild of a member in good standing. Preference will be given to applicants from Saskatchewan and those that demonstrate a financial need. Applications must be received by July 31st (extended for 2018 until August 22) in the year for which they are applied.
K of C Bursary — APPLY ONLINE


The Catherine Doherty Bursary

$500 Bursary (three available: two for First Year, one for Second Year students)
The Catherine Doherty Bursary will be awarded to a maximum of three students enrolled in the faith formation program at St. Therese School of Faith and Mission who has financial need and demonstrates an understanding of the role of the lay faithful in the Church today and the importance of lay formation. Three bursaries are available, each in the amount of $500, two for students who will participate in the first year program (application deadline: August 29, 2018) and one for a student in the second year program (deadline: August 24, 2018).
Catherine Doherty Bursary — APPLY ONLINE

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