Springtime of the Faith

Slide - SotF - Theology of the Body

Into the Heart: Journey Theology of the Body

Slide - SotF - Becoming a Prophetic Voice

Heralds of the New Evangelization II: Becoming a Prophetic Voice

Slide - SotF - Theology of Evangelization

Heralds of the New Evangelization I: A Theology of Evangelization

Slide - SotF - Apostolate Christian Family

Holy Family: The Apostolate of the Christian Family

Slide - SotF - Ignatian Discernment Intro

Ignatian Discernment I: Introduction

Slide - SotF - Liturgy and Sacraments

The Heart of Worship: Liturgy and Sacraments

Slide - SotF - Ecumenism and Apologetics

Being Apostles of Hope: Ecumenism and Apologetics

Slide - SotF - TeenSTAR

TeenSTAR: Sexuality Teaching in the context of Adult Responsibility – Teacher Certification Course

Slide - SotF - Apologetics and Ecumenism

Being Apostles of Hope: Ecumenism and Apologetics

Slide - SotF - Theology of the Laity

Called for a Purpose: A Theology of the Laity

SofF Springtime of the Faith Conference Series 291x125
  • series of 10 intensive week-long courses
  • topics include Ignatian Discernment, Evangelization, Ecumenism, Apologetics, Catechetics, Liturgury & Sacraments, Human Sexuality from a holistic Catholic perspective and more!
  • become a student for a week (or two... or six!) The series is offered as a public component of the St. Therese's School of Faith and Mission nine-month faith formation program
  • Note: our THEOLOGY OF THE BODY conference with Christopher West is being transitioned out of our Springtime of the Faith course series and into its own ToB Conference Category. But for 2017, you'll still find it listed below (as well as in the ToB category), just in case you're looking for it within the SotF listing :)

World renowned author and speaker Christopher West unpacks the Theology of the Body, Blessed Pope John Paul II’s integrated vision of the human person—body, soul, and spirit—as male and female. In an intimate environment of study and prayer, participants discover the deep significance of: what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God; why God created us male and female; how the physical union of man and woman is innately oriented toward life and love; and how this union is the essential foundation for a life-affirming society.
We can come to an understanding of human existence only through a proper understanding of human sexuality. West’s presentation of Theology of the Body, in the context of St. Thérèse's thought and spirituality—a St. Therese Institute exclusive—can enable students to live more wholly integrated lives, and discover that seeing the world through the lens of TOB is a key to deep rooted peace and joy.

Event Date Mon. Apr. 30, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Event End Date Thu. May. 03, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Online Registration Cut-Off Fri. Apr. 27, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Standard Price $475.00
Early-bird Rate $445.00 (Early-bird until Mon. Apr. 16, 2018)
$475.00 80