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In this podcast episode, Jim and Nick discuss the importance of affirmation. Exposing the theological roots of affirmation, they argue that affirmation is not optional, but necessary for good Christian community and is the antidote to the growing 'culture of contempt' in secular and ecclesial circles. At the heart of the Gospel is an affirmation of the human person: 'It is good that you exist!'

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St. Therese Institute invites you to pray with us a novena for your personal intentions and the intentions of the whole Church. Beginning September 23, this novena will end on October 1st, the feast day of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

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Join us as we begin a Novena to St. Thérèse in preparation for celebrating her October 1 feast day! We will be praying the Novena daily starting September 23 and ending on October 1.

We will be posting the novena prayer of the day on Facebook (; like and follow us to get post notifications!) as well at

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus is " of the greatest and most known Saints of the modern era. St. Thérèse, also known as the Little Flower, commonly gives roses or flowers as a sign to those who receive miracles by her intercession. With the power of St. Thérèse’s intercession in mind let us imitate her great and innocent confidence in the loving promises of our God. May this novena to St. Thérèse of Lisieux help us to follow in her footsteps as she followed in Our Lord’s through her little way." (angeluspress .org)

In this podcast episode, Jim and Nick chat about a teaching recently delivered to students in the formation program: "The Duty of the Moment." Because the Duty of the Moment is such a fundamental activity for a life of holiness, it could even be said that "The Duty of the Moment is my salvation." Jim and Nick unpack this teaching, that quote, and more in their usual way-word banter.

In this episode of a Little Way-Word, Jim and Nick discuss one of St. Thérèse of Lisieux's favorite poetry verses: "The world is thy ship, not thy home." They reflect that this line reveals a vision of Christian life as a pilgrimage, a journey to heaven with the world as vessel of God's grace.

Welcome to the 13th episode of A LITTLE WAY-WORD! In this episode of "A Little Way-Word" podcast, Nick and special guest Gabby Marshall talk about their spiritual mind-set regarding the upcoming year at St. Therese Institute. Particularly, they address the problem of doing something that seems 'unnecessary' or perhaps even wasteful in times of uncertainty. In the end, their answer deals with trusting in God and aiming for faithfulness, not just success.

Welcome to the (much delayed) twelfth episode of St. Therese Institute's "A Little Way-Word" Podcast. In this episode, Jim and Nick discuss a fascinating quote attributed to Pope Saint John Paul II: "The 21st century will see the greatest renaissance of Christendom since the incarnation, on the condition that we recognize the real presence of Christ among us."

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[updated August 14 2020]

At the end of March all programs were suspended at St. Therese due to the COVID-19 Corona Virus and at that time we were not sure what would be happening this fall. Since then, the staff have been working on developing COVID-19 protocols and guidelines with the information available from SaskHealth to try and ensure a safe environment for the students and staff,  as well as the broader community.  To date we have processed a similar number of applications as in previous years and will be expecting the last of our staggered student arrivals by August 31. For both your and our students' safety, students will be remaining primarily on St. Therese grounds throughout the year. Also, due to provincial "public gathering" restrictions, we anticipate that there will be no public events on-site at St. Therese during the 2020-2021 school year.

If you have any questions about any of our programs or St. Therese in general please give me a call at 306-369-2555 and I would be happy to try and answer your questions.

[updated June 30 2020]
St. Therese Institute is currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Formation Program. With the help of resources from Sask Health and the Government of Saskatchewan, we are currently in the process of developing protocols and guidelines designed to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community. For students already registered for this fall, emails will be sent to you periodically as protocols evolve. Have a great summer and God bless!

[updated June 8 2020]
In regards to the current COVID situation, we intend and are planning to facilitate a full formation program year at St. Therese Institute for 2020-2021, as we have in the past. Naturally, we are planning with prudence and with due regard to the regulations proposed by government and health officials. The care, safety, and comfort of our students is, and always has been, our first priority. We are moving forward with faith and deep confidence in the loving care and providence of God -- It's the Little Way!
Procedures for students are being discussed and will be communicated at a later date as to reflect the situation as it presents itself in the late summer.

[updated June 2 2020]
We have decided to cancel the "Spiritual Exercises — an 8-day vocation discernment retreat" event that was scheduled June 19-26; the program would have been bringing together registrants from across Canada, which would come with a risk of virus exposure through air and land travel, and participant interaction. We had previously cancelled our "Springtime of the Faith" intensive courses programming (March - May). We we resume retreat and public course programming when it is considered safe and advisable to do so.

Vicky Serblowski
Executive Director/Administrator
St. Therese Institute
Box 310 / 650 Ursuline Ave.
Bruno, SK, Canada, S0K 0S0
ph/fax: 306.369.2555 x111

Welcome to the eleventh episode of St. Therese Institute's "A Little Way-Word" Podcast. In this episode, Jim and Nick unpack and dive into a spiritual reflection on Jesus' teaching during the Sermon on the Mount regarding keeping your fasting, praying and alms-giving hidden. The goal? Grow in holiness and purity of intention.

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Tomorrow morning, during St. Bruno Parish’s Eucharistic procession for Corpus Christi, the pedals from the Roses that were present at our virtual Commissioning Ceremony—Roses which represent each of the beautiful St. Therese students this year—will be scattered along the path at the head of the procession. In this little way, the students...

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