St. Therese Institute and COVID-19 Updates

[updated August 14 2020]

At the end of March all programs were suspended at St. Therese due to the COVID-19 Corona Virus and at that time we were not sure what would be happening this fall. Since then, the staff have been working on developing COVID-19 protocols and guidelines with the information available from SaskHealth to try and ensure a safe environment for the students and staff,  as well as the broader community.  To date we have processed a similar number of applications as in previous years and will be expecting the last of our staggered student arrivals by August 31. For both your and our students' safety, students will be remaining primarily on St. Therese grounds throughout the year. Also, due to provincial "public gathering" restrictions, we anticipate that there will be no public events on-site at St. Therese during the 2020-2021 school year.

If you have any questions about any of our programs or St. Therese in general please give me a call at 306-369-2555 and I would be happy to try and answer your questions.

[updated June 30 2020]
St. Therese Institute is currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Formation Program. With the help of resources from Sask Health and the Government of Saskatchewan, we are currently in the process of developing protocols and guidelines designed to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community. For students already registered for this fall, emails will be sent to you periodically as protocols evolve. Have a great summer and God bless!

[updated June 8 2020]
In regards to the current COVID situation, we intend and are planning to facilitate a full formation program year at St. Therese Institute for 2020-2021, as we have in the past. Naturally, we are planning with prudence and with due regard to the regulations proposed by government and health officials. The care, safety, and comfort of our students is, and always has been, our first priority. We are moving forward with faith and deep confidence in the loving care and providence of God -- It's the Little Way!
Procedures for students are being discussed and will be communicated at a later date as to reflect the situation as it presents itself in the late summer.

[updated June 2 2020]
We have decided to cancel the "Spiritual Exercises — an 8-day vocation discernment retreat" event that was scheduled June 19-26; the program would have been bringing together registrants from across Canada, which would come with a risk of virus exposure through air and land travel, and participant interaction. We had previously cancelled our "Springtime of the Faith" intensive courses programming (March - May). We we resume retreat and public course programming when it is considered safe and advisable to do so.

Vicky Serblowski
Executive Director/Administrator
St. Therese Institute
Box 310 / 650 Ursuline Ave.
Bruno, SK, Canada, S0K 0S0
ph/fax: 306.369.2555 x111

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Financial Aid

Financial Aide — Perhaps the missing piece

Need a little extra financial assistance for attending St. Therese Institute's School of Faith and Mission — Nine-month Faith Formation Program? Please review and apply for the Bursary and Scholarship opportunities listed below!

Early Application Scholarship

Three $500 Scholarships to be awarded (two to First Year applicants; one to Second Year applicant)
Available scholarships will be awarded to two (2) first year and one (1) second year students who are accepted and have confirmed attendance in the coming fall's St. Therese Institute's Nine-Month Faith Formation Program. The scholarship recipients will be determined by draw prior to program start or once all early applicants have been accepted into the program. All applicants who have applied by March 31 for the coming fall's program will be automatically entered into the selection pool.


Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Bursary

One $1000 Bursary
One annual $1000 bursary offered through the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation to one selected applicant who will be attending St. Therese Institute's Nine-Month Faith Formation Program.
To be eligible for the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Bursary, the applicant must themselves be a Knights of Columbus member, or the spouse, child or grandchild of a member in good standing. Preference will be given to applicants from Saskatchewan and those that demonstrate a financial need. Bursary application must be received by July 31st for the upcoming program-year. *
K of C Bursary — APPLY ONLINE


The Catherine Doherty Bursary

Three $500 Bursaries to be awarded (two to First Year applicants; one to Second Year applicant)
The Catherine Doherty Bursary will be awarded to a maximum of three students enrolled in the faith formation program at St. Therese School of Faith and Mission who has financial need and demonstrates an understanding of the role of the lay faithful in the Church today and the importance of lay formation. Three bursaries are available, each in the amount of $500, two for students who will participate in the first year program (bursary application deadline: August 30, 2019) and one for a student in the second year program (deadline: August 23, 2019). *
Catherine Doherty Bursary — APPLY ONLINE


2020-2021 St. Joseph of Nazareth $2,000 Scholarship

One $2000 Scholarship to be awarded to 1 (one) male Second-Year applicant
The St. Joseph of Nazareth Scholarship is available for one male applicant in financial need applying to the 2020-2021 St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission second-year program. This scholarship honors the second-year male applicant who exemplify the St. Joseph-like tender strength, humility, and mature masculinity which brings life and stability to the communal aspect of the St. Therese program. (deadline: July 15, 2020) *
2020-2021 St. Joseph of Nazareth $2,000 Scholarship

* General conditions that apply to all Bursaries or Scholarships ("Financial-Aid Awards" or "Award(s)"):

Financial-Aid Awards are non-transferable to another student. Most Awards will be applied as a non-refundable credit to the scholarship recipient’s tuition account. If the Award recipient discontinues or is discontinued, the applicable refund policy will apply to the portion of tuition due/paid by the student; the Award amount will not be included in the refund to the student. If a Award recipient on, or prior to, the start of the program is unable to attend, St. Therese Institute reserves the right select a new recipient from the pool of qualified Award applicants. Other criteria may apply.