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St. Therese Institute — COVID-19 Update

December 31, 2021

Due to the current rapid spread of the Covid-10 Omicron variant across Canada, the Board of Directors has delayed our return to in-person programming by two weeks. Students will return to our Bruno campus on January 19, 2022. During the first two weeks of the semester, we will offer online classes and programming. Additional measures will be taken as needed to ensure students are able to return and continue their program safely.  As always, we will continue to consult closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and work to keep our students, staff, and the local Bruno parish and community safe and healthy. Our January reteat with Bishop Scott McCaig will also be cancelled.

Despite this new challenge, we look ahead to the new year full of hope and confidence. God’s grace is always sufficient, even in times of hardship and uncertainty. Please join us in praying that 2022 will be the year we finally put the pandemic behind us!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

John W. Romanowsky, PhD, Executive Director
Office: 306-369-2555, x101
Mobile: 306-220-5633

November 4, 2021

Thanks be to God, the Covid-19 outbreak at St. Therese Institute has now passed. We are happy to report that all our students and staff are healthy and once again fully engaged in our faith formation program. We also want to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to all those who have prayed for and supported us during this challenging time. This includes our local friends in Bruno and Humboldt, as well as our many benefactors and alumni across Saskatchewan and Canada who have responded so generously to our recent emergency appeal.

To recap our situation: Despite taking all possible measures at the beginning of the 2021- 2022 academic year (summary below), a staff member tested positive for Covid-19 on Oct. 2. A student then tested positive on Oct. 3. As per the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s (SHA) public health order, and our Board of Directors’ directive, we moved immediately into a 14-day quarantine. We took all possible measures to ensure our local Bruno community and parish were never at risk.

The SHA determined that St. Therese Institute was the site of a Covid-19 “outbreak.” (An “outbreak” is defined as two or more infections at one location.) We worked closely with them to do what was best for our students, and to resume normal operations as soon as safely possible. As of Oct. 19, all students completed their individual mandatory quarantines. According to SHA protocols, which are implemented out of an abundance of caution, the “outbreak” itself on the St. Therese campus finished on Oct. 31.

As always, our top priority continues to be doing everything we can to keep our community safe and well. We look ahead with gratitude and renewed confidence, more deeply united than ever, to the rest of this year being filled with peace and joy.

John W. Romanowsky, PhD
Executive Director
Office: 306-369-2555,x101
Mobile: 306-220-5633

Measured taken at the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year:

  • We established a designated area for students, which includes our spacious facility and 64-acre campus, wherein they remain on campus with no outside contact. Exceptions are only made for medical visits.
  • Our staff must mask, social distance, and take weekly Covid-19 rapid screening tests. If a result is positive, immediate isolation and a Covid-19 PCR test is required.
  • No outside guests are permitted to visit inside St. Therese Institute.

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