If we can assist you in any way during your application process, please email Jim Anderson, Director of Formation, or call him at 306-369-2555 x102.

Apply by March 31 and be your name will be entered for a chance to receive one of two first-year $500 early application scholarships! (More information: Financial Aid)

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To begin the application process, just fill in the Nine Month Faith Formation Program application form below. You can expect to be contacted by somebody on our admissions team shortly after applying!

There is no cost to apply; applying is an active step in the "should I attend or not" discernment process, and we want this step to be free of the burden of a financial commitment.

To apply for the Nine Month Faith Formation Program, please complete the following:
NOTE: If you are an alumni and discerning applying for the optional Second Year Program, please use the Second Year Program Application Form instead.

STS Application — Part 1
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Note: Applicants must be 18 or older by October 1 of the year that they are applying for.

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Please include a recent photograph (selfies accepted!) of yourself so that we can put a face to the name when we talk with you.

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STS Application — Part 2
"Getting to Know" You Questions
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Your Application to St. Therese School
Mental and Physical Health

Personal Assessment

Please rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)

STS Application — Part 3

It is advised that you type out your responses to the SHORT and LONG ANSWER questions in a separate word processor program to check for spelling mistakes and so that you have a backup in case there is an error in your submission (eg. you could loose everything that you typed in if the form doesn't send properly...). Please save a copy of your responses until you have received confirmation of the receipt of your application from our Applications Team.

Short Response Questions

Please respond to the following questions.

Family Life
Life Experience
Program Fees & Books

STS Application — Part 4

It is advised that you type out your responses to the SHORT and LONG ANSWER questions in a separate word processor program to check for spelling mistakes and so that you have a backup in case there is an error in your submission (eg. you could loose everything that you typed in if the form doesn't send properly...). Please save a copy of your responses until you have received confirmation of the receipt of your application from our Applications Team.

Way of Life – St. Therese School of Faith & Mission

We believe it is important for you to understand the way of life at St. Therese Institute to which  you would be committing.

The nine-month faith formation program at St. Therese is designed to assist students to grow into a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church. Students learn and live the Little Way of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, which involves humility, love, surrender, and personal sacrifice, but ultimately bears the fruit of peace and joy in the lives of the students. The Church, recognizing the genius of this way of holiness has declared her a Doctor of the Church, and emphasizes the importance of St. Thérèse as a “Saint for our times.”

As you read over the following, be aware of your thoughts and emotions that arise, and respond honestly to the questions that follow.

  1. The faith formation at St. Therese School of Faith and Mission takes place in the context of Christian community and operates within a carefully planned schedule; active participation in the program requires the full personal commitment of each student to living the St. Therese way of life daily – evenings and weekends included. This is a fruitful, joyful way of life that the students share and for which they each take personal responsibility.
  2. Community life will place certain demands on the life of an individual, and students are called to respect the way of life and community environment as a key element in fostering faith formation. As such, in the interest of building Christian community students are asked to refrain from any relationships within St. Therese that are exclusive in nature, particularly romantic relationships.
  3. Students are also asked to dress and act with modesty in appropriate clothing, speech, and conduct out of respect for themselves, their fellow students, the whole student community, and St. Therese School of Faith and Mission (detailed dress code and conduct guidelines to be distributed with Student Life package).
  4. In both the men's and women's dorms, students will share rooms with roommates; and in the interest of building a healthy and vibrant community, students are asked to respect the dorm space as a “holy space” where they can each live and rest peacefully. As such, we ask that no internet, cell phone calls, or texting happen in the dorms.
  5. We also ask that students avoid any media or entertainment that might distract from the formation program and community life, such as TV, Video/Computer games, personal movies, or other similar technological devices. There are times and locations provided phone calls and internet usage.
  6. The academic portion of the program operates at a university level. Students are expected to participate in class discussions, complete reflection papers, present projects, and complete other tasks within the given time frame to the best of their ability.
  7. Overall, the expectation is that students take personal responsibility in ensuring the health of the entire community through their conduct, behaviour, commitment, and attitude throughout the nine-months that they attend St. Therese School of Faith and Mission.

Based on the information above, please write one paragraph (4 sentences) per question. Please answer honestly, as there is no right or wrong answer.

Long Response Questions

Please answer each of the questions in detail.  Write at least four sentences per question. Take time to think about your response honestly.


Three confidential references are required as part of the application process.

Each reference person should be: 1) someone you have known for more than six months; 2) who knows you well; 3) is objective; 4) has been in contact with you within the last year, and; 5) not related to you.
ACCEPTABLE: e.g.: your parish priest / pastor, your prayer / youth group leader, your employer / superviser / co-worker, your teacher / professor, or another individual that knows you well and will provide an honest & objective referral. UNACCEPTABLE: e.g.: Immediate family members, other close relatives, roommate, personal friends. If in doubt about an reference's suitability, please contact us!

It is your responsibility to provide your references with the Confidential Reference Form. Your references will then return the completed reference form directly to us.

ONLINE: Please visit the "Setup a Reference Form" page to create a link to send to your references (you will have the option to pre-enter select fields on the form (eg. your name, their name and contact info). You can also ask your references to visit http://www.st-t.ca/stsrefform to fill in a blank form.

DOWNLOAD: Visit http://www.st-t.ca/stsrefform to find a link for downloading a printable / emailable PDF version of the reference form.

Reference #1
Reference #2
Reference #3
Any Additional Questions?
STS Application — Ready to Submit!

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted to arrange an Admissions Interview to discuss your application and any questions you may have about the Faith Formation Program. Your application will be accepted pending the Admissions Interview; a $200 deposit (which will be applied towards your Program Fee) will be due upon formal acceptance into the formation program for the coming year. Upon arrival at STS, your full tuition is due. Payment options will be presented during your Admissions Interview.

Privacy: Your information will never be sold or shared, and your application responses will remain confidential. By proceeding, you agree to transmit securely all data you've entered on this Application Form to St. Therese School of Faith and Mission Inc., and consent to the storing of this data in a secure database. You may at any time request to have your application responses removed from the database. 

I hereby submit my application...

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