100 Years Old - 1919-2019Dear Alumni, Patrons and Supporters of St. Therese Institute,

I would like to extend greetings on behalf of the Board of Directors.

It was on November 9th, 1919 that the Ursuline Sisters of Bruno held the grand opening celebration for the newly built Ursuline Convent. One might picture that it was a beautiful fall day, with a jovial crowd filled with high expectations for the future of the school. The Ursuline Sisters, many of whom are laid to rest in the nearby cemetery, must be very pleased that their legacy continues to this day.

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St. Therese Institute invites you to pray with us a novena for your personal intentions and the intentions of the whole Church. Beginning today (September 23), this novena will end on October 1st, the feast day of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

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Meet the students who will be studying, praying and journeying in the 2019-2020 Faith Formation Program at St. Therese Institute!

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UPDATE Aug. 16: U-Pick **FINISHED** for 2019! Thanks for picking!! :)

The cherry crop is ready for picking -- Come on out and pick your buckets full!

- Sunday, August 4; and
- Bruno Cherry Sunday, August 11
- Monday, August 12 (5pm-8pm)
- Wednesday, August 14 (5pm-8pm) >
- Thursday, August 15 (5pm-8pm)
  (on picking days, please pay at the station in the orchard)

Self-pay picking during is also availale Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Find directions posted on the front door of St. Therese Institute.

COST: U-pick Cherries are $12 per 4L pail. Please BYOB (Bring Your Own *BUCKET*).

The cherries grown in our orchard are a tart-but-sweet U of Saskatchewan developed Dwarf Sour Cherry, that are great for baking, pies, sauces, jams & jellies, or even for eating raw. Visit www.cherrysunday.ca/u-pick-cherries for more information!

Location: St. Therese Institute's Cherry Orchards (650 Ursuline Ave., Bruno, SK)

Any questions? Please contact Everyday Farms: www.everydayfarms.ca/contact-links or via their Facebook page.

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The Spring/Summer 2019 edition of the little way magazine is here!

Christ is Alive! He is our hope! Find out what this means to our staff and students as they live our the call to holiness, the little way, and a devotion to the St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus & the Holy Face.

You can read it online by following the ReadMore link below. If you're on our postal mail list, you should see the print edition arriving soon too!

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From the staff, students and volunteers of St Therese Institute, we would like to wish you a very joyful and peaceful Christmas and all of God’s blessings in the coming year.

As we reflect on the amazing gift of God entering our world through Jesus Christ, we also give thanks for all the many gifts you, our donors, have provided throughout the year.  Your ongoing prayers and financial support have greatly assisted our mission, allowing us to form disciples of Christ to carry back out into the world, the same love you have shown us.

Give a gift to support our student program.

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The Fall/Winter 2018 edition of the little way magazine is here!

Thinking about attending St. Therese as a student? This issue will give you a great overview of what student life at St. Therese is like!!

You can read it online by following the ReadMore link below. If you're on our postal mail list, you should see the print edition arriving soon too!

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St. Therese – Coffee Lounge, 7:00 pm.

Everyone who is interested in the ongoing operations of
St. Therese Institute is welcome to attend.

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We are excited to welcome two new staff members on the St. Therese team: Nicholas Pierlot (Assistant Director of Formation) and Andrew Hildebrandt (Office Administration).

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We're excited to welcome the 20 First Year and 15 Second Year faith formation program students, as well as the 6 young adults who will be piloting our new STAY (St. Therese Apostolic Year) program!

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The Spring/Summer 2018 edition of the little way magazine is here!

You can read it online by following the ReadMore link below.

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Adding back issues of THE LITTLE WAY this week...

We are working on adding back issues of THE LITTLE WAY this week. Please continue checking back as there will likely be additional issues posted every day (until we get alllllllll the way back to issue #1 from 2007).

UPDATE:  All done! All editions from 2007 through 2018 have now been added! Delve into the arhcives to see where we've been and track how God has transformed TLW and St. Therese into what we are now.

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"The Little Way" Magazine

"The Little Way" Magazine (26)

BANNER The Little Way Magazine

the little way magazine  is published by St. Therese Institute twice per year (usualy). Its focus and purpose is to spread the spirituality of St. Thérèse of Lisieux and her "little way" as lived by the community of students embarking on St. Therese Institute's Faith Formation Program, as well as keep you informed of what has and is happening at St. Therese Institute.

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The Lord's Day — Sunday Gospel Reflections

The Lord's Day — Sunday Gospel Reflections (40)


Go deeper into the Sunday Gospel, and make "keeping holy the Sabbath" a more important part of your life and a practice in your family, household or community.

One way that we strive to do this in St. Therese Institute's faith formation program is by inviting our students to participate in a weekly "The Lord's Day Celebration".

In the Jewish tradition, the new day begins at sundown (you'll see this echoed through into the Catholic tradition of having a Sunday Mass on the Saturday evening, for example). Our Lord's Day celebration begins at Saturday's supper with a short time of prayer, a reading of and reflection on the coming Sunday's Gospel reading, and then grace. After supper, a prayer of thanksgiving is said. The reflection on the Gospel is given either a student or one of our formation team. To bookend the Lord's Day, another short time of prayer precedes the Sunday supper grace, and again a prayer of thanksgiving follows supper.

Our director of Assistant Director of Formation, Nicholas Pierlot, explains more in the above video.

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"A Little Way-Word" Podcast

"A Little Way-Word" Podcast (29)

Jim and Nick (and sometimes a special guest) discuss various topics, from Scripture to prayer to movies to books within the context of the 'little way' of St. Thérèse.

Subscribe to us on YouTube (youtube.com/StThereseInstitute) for the video version of A Little Way-Word, or to the audio-only version through any of these fine podcasting platforms:
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Got a question for Jim or Nick? Click to send an email: 
    "Question for Jim" or "Question for Nick". (<-- or use one of those as your subject line and send an email to )

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Prayers and Resources

Prayers and Resources (4)

Prayers and Resources to help you grow deeper in your faith!

From prayer cards to booklets to whatever else we post :)

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