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Friday, 11 December 2015 15:56 In Blog & Updates Tags
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We're excited to give you a sneak-peak, first-look at the new website!

There still is A LOT of information to get online, but we hope once that (we're done!) the new site will make it quicker for you to find what you're looking for and easier to register for events.

If there is something that is missing or a link that is broken, please let us know!

May God bless you during this Advent season as we prepare our hearts to welcome The Christ Child in.

Friday, 11 December 2015 15:34 In Past Programming Tags
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The 'triumph: Freedom through Healing' program is now its own indepedant apostolate, under the direction of founders Jerry and Donna Kristian.

To find out more about upcoming retreats or to book a 'triumph: Freedom through Healing' retreat for your group, please visit []

Friday, 11 December 2015 09:22 In Past Programming Tags
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This event was held in conjunction with From Mourning to Dawn Grief Ministry.

For more information about future offerings of this or similar Bereavement retreats, please contact:

St. Therese School of Faith and Mission is a 9-month Catholic post-secondary school of faith formation. Our goal is to engage the student in a personal encounter with the person of Christ, following in the footsteps traced for us by St. Thérèse of Lisieux, so that the student may in turn draw all whom they meet into a similar encounter with the person of Christ.

The program at St. Therese includes daily prayer and sacraments, community living, and a curriculum that consists of classes such as theology, church history, philosophy, scripture, etc. All of these are lived out in a spirituality of humility, surrender, and trust in the Lord through St. Thérèse’s “Little Way of Holiness”. Everything that we do at St. Therese Institute is oriented towards growing in personal holiness. St. Thérèse teaches that “God does not look at the greatness of our actions, but rather at the love in which we put into them.” St. Therese Institute is a school of love and personal faith formation, where the students learn to do all things with great love for God. Our goal is that upon completion of a year at St. Therese, no matter where our students go or what they do they are equipped to sanctify not only their own personal lives, but also the world around them through the Little Way of Holiness of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

"Apple Core" by Tom Shockey ( | Usage permitted under CC-BY-2.0 | modified
The "Core" Courses

The core courses studied in the 9-month Catholic Studies for the Lay Apostolate are divided between three trimesters. Structurally, after the initial orientation and foundational classes (September), most courses span both first and second trimesters and are offered in 2-hour blocks, either once or twice each week. The third trimester is different in its structure as courses are offered as week-long intensives, featuring both the Springtime of the Faith series as well as an Icon Writing  retreat (traditional eastren-rite Iconography) and an additional Ignatian Discenment-based retreat.

The St. Therese program is extraordinary! All STS students — as a part of their formation — have the opportunity of participating in the various conferences and programs offered at STI: our annual Advent Conference and Lenten Conference, the Theology of the Body conference, as well as the "Keys for Growth in the Spiritual Life" and the Springtime of the Faith courses, plus additional retreatrs and lectures from visiting presenters (approximately a $4,600 value). 

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