"Come & See" Week (Feb. 20–25) Featured

"Come & See" Week (Feb. 20–25)


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Discover first-hand everything that our Faith Formation Program offers!

Have you (or someone you know) been considering attending St. Therese as a full-time student? Maybe you're looking for an option for a rewarding Catholic "gap year"? Or maybe you're a St. Therese alumni who wants to recharge and re-experience the unique St.T student life. Then, Come & See, and join us for one, two, three or more days of our Feb. 20–25 "Come & See" open house week. (update: stay as late as noon on Saturday, Feb. 25).

You'll get to be a student along side our students, attending classes, joining in community prayer and Mass, eating meals, playing sports or doing crafts/projects at rec time, doing daily chores, and living the exact same student life that you would as a student.

If you are here for Wednesday morning, there will be a optional special session for prospective students, and a separate session for alumni.

Alumni: We also are planning an hosting alumni evening for Tuesday, Feb 21... during the C&S Week! Bring a friend to Come & See a few days, and enjoy an evening of fellowship & discussion with other alumni!

After you register, we will contact you to work out the details of when you expect to arrive and depart so that we can be ready to receive you, get you settled in, feed you, etc. :)

  • When: Choose how many days you would like to Come & See for! Register to arrive any time after 7:00pm Monday, Feb. 20  through Friday, Feb. 24; Stay up until 12-noon on Saturday, Feb. 25.  The more days you're able to attend, the more complete your overall experience of student life is.
  • Who: new prospective students (age 17-35) who want to experience St. Therese student life, or St.T Alumni who want to re-engage with St.T student life again.
  • Cost: $35/day per person (includes up-to 3 meals and one night accommodation; payment due upon arrival at St. Therese)
  • Registration Deadline: Through Thursday, Feb. 23 by 4:00pm CST. (Extended from original cut-off of Friday, Feb. 17)

Questions? Contact Francis Van Uden, third-year STAY student. Text: 306-801-4041. Phone: 306-369-2555 x112. Email: .

Participants under 18: Please have your parent/guardian complete and submit the Parental Concent form (.PDF format), preferably before you arrive at St. Therese.

The Class of 2022-2023

There are the full-time students whom you will be joining and getting to know during your time here:

St Therese Class of 2023 October 2022

Weekly Student Schedule

For reference and to help you plan your visit, this is what our student schedule looks like.

Weekly Student Schedule CSWN22

 Weekly Class Schedule CSWN22

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