Our STAY team for 2021-2022 Featured

2021-2022 St. Therese Apostolic Year students 2021-2022 St. Therese Apostolic Year students
Drum roll please!
INTRODUCING our third-year STAY Students for next year!
We're SUPER EXCITED to having these 6 AMAZING YOUNG ADULTS return for a third year to facilitate and lead our student community in 2021-22!
STAY'n on, from left to right: Rachel Vandermeer , Zachary Lunghamer, Kalista Nugent, Andrea Bator, Emily Bourke and Jacob Anderson! YAY!!! ?
What is our third-year STAY program? STAY stands for St. Therese Apostolic Year. A stay is also a rope or a cable on a ship that runs from the hull to the mast providing support, stability, and strength. "These third year disciples...will provide support, stability, and strength to the good ship St. Therese, helping the winds of the Holy Spirit to fill the sails.“ (Find out more about the STAY program in our Summer 2018 edition of The Little Way Magazine: www.St-T.ca/tlw11.2-stay)
Come on board for a nine-month cruise through the Catholic isle of faith, reason, personal growth and lifelong friendship on the Good Ship St. Therese! STUDENT APPLICATIONS for the 2021-2022 year are open at www.StTherese.ca/ApplyToday
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