Scattering Beauty - Commissioning Roses and the 2020 Corpus Christi procession Featured

Scattering Beauty - Commissioning Roses and the 2020 Corpus Christi procession

Tomorrow morning, during St. Bruno Parish’s Eucharistic procession for Corpus Christi, the pedals from the Roses that were present at our virtual Commissioning Ceremony—Roses which represent each of the beautiful St. Therese students this year—will be scattered along the path at the head of the procession. In this little way, the students’ prayers, sacrifices, joys and triumphs will lead the way as a witness of all that Christ has done in their lives this year, and create a royal carpet for Jesus, present in the Holy Eucharist and carried in the Monstrance by Fr. Pius from the church to the grotto and grave yard, to pass over.

Reading the Bruno “Up Until Now” history book*, it speaks of a procession in 1914 around the church grounds, beseeching the Virgin Mary for her protection during a diphtheria epidemic that swept through Saskatchewan. It became an annual event, and in 1936, Fr. Bernard noted that not one member of the congregation had died from a communicable disease in all these years, and consequently the shrine in honor of Mary was built on the parish grounds — the grotto that we will be processing to tomorrow!

We will be praying for all of our alumni and supporters, and if anyone reading this post has any specific prayer requests that you’d like us to offer for you tomorrow during the procession, please post them or PM them to us via Facebook and we will pray for you :)

Mary, mother of God, please pray for us all now and and the hour of our death, and especially pray for us and protect us during this pandemic.

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