St. Therese Class of 2019-2020 (virtual) Commissioning Celebration Featured


Rewatch the live-stream broadcast from Saturday, May 30, 2020  

Join us virtually as we officially wrap up this year of the St. Therese faith formation program in honoring, praying with and for, and commissioning the 2019-2020 students.

Schedule of events:

Commissioning 2020 - OverviewCommissioning 2020 - Overview

  • 2pm Live-stream Mass from the St. Therese Chapel, celebrated by Bishop Mark Hagemoen.
  • 3pm* Commissioning Blessing of all the students from this 2019-2020 formation year, a time of thanksgiving, and intercession for each individual student.
    *approximate time
  • Following the commissioning:
    • Valedictorian address: Andrea Bator
    • First year student testimonies: Kalista Nugent, Keelin Kennedy, Jacob Anderson, and Mathieu Gaucher.
    • Second year student testimonies: Janelle Ryan and Isaac Bourke.
    • Therese Apostolic Year testimony: Gabby Marshall
  • Words from St. Therese Staff / Thank you’s / Closing remarks


   Rewatch the live-stream broadcast from Saturday, May 30, 2020

Some tips on “how to celebrate commissioning at home.”

We encourage you to make this day special at home for yourself as a participating student, or family/friend of the students. This is truly a communal celebration! Even though we cannot all be physically present at this time, we can certainly hold one another in each of our hearts through our union with Jesus. Here’s a few of our tips to intentionally celebrate this day!

  • Hold one another in prayer, especially for the intentions of this year’s class.
  • Tune In to the live-stream with your family/household. Commissioning has always been a celebration with friends and family, tuning in with those you live with is a great way to celebrate in communion.
  • Dress up. Sure you can watch in your sweats, but it doesn’t it just feel good to get all fancy for such an occasion?
  • Do a photo shoot. Take some photos with your family/household to help remember this day. Post on social media platforms and share with the St. Therese family how you celebrated!
  • Make a special dinner. What is a celebration without a feast!
  • Have a social. Have your own little local social celebration with family/household/Covid cohort after the live-stream events (virtually or in person following all local social distancing safety regulations).

What is the "Commissioning" at St. Therese?

Want to get a deeper understanding of what “commissioning” is? Watch the latest Little Way-Word podcast! .

St Therese Class of 2020

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