NAZARETH FAMILY SPIRITUALITY — The Jim and Nick "A Little Way-Word" Podcast - Episode 4 Featured

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At St. Therese, and in these podcasts, we talk a lot about "Nazareth", and "living Nazareth", and "the spirit of Nazareth"; but what is Nazareth? In this podcast, Jim and Nick discuss what is meant by Nazareth family spirituality, that is a spiritual way of life inspired by the hidden years of Christ's life lived in the ordinariness of the daily life of the Holy Family in Nazareth. How can this provide a model for faithful discipleship, especially in these unique times, within the ordinary circumstances of our lives. It's all about growing in holiness!

Jim and Nick also reflect on last week's movie suggestion, "Rudy", and field questions from our viewers in this new episode of "A LITTLE WAY-WORD". This week's movie suggestion: "The Hundred Foot Journey".

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