An Introduction to "The Lord's Day" Celebration Featured

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An Introduction to "The Lord's Day" Celebration

Go deeper into the Sunday Gospel, and make "keeping holy the Sabbath" a more important part of your life and the life of your family, household or community.

One way that we strive to do this in St. Therese Institute's faith formation program is by inviting our students to participate in a weekly "The Lord's Day Celebration".

Download the Prayer Guide:

 In the Jewish tradition, the new day begins at sundown (you'll see this echoed through the Catholic tradition of having a Sunday Mass on the Saturday evening, for example). Our Lord's Day celebration begins at Saturday's supper with a short time of prayer, a reading of and reflection on the coming Sunday's Gospel reading, and then grace. After supper, a prayer of thanksgiving is said. The reflection on the Gospel is given by either a student or one of our formation team. To bookend the Lord's Day, another short time of prayer precedes the Sunday supper grace, and again a prayer of thanksgiving follows supper.

Our Assistant Director of Formation, Nicholas Pierlot, explains more in this video.


Gospel reflections will be posted weekly in this section of our blog. As well you can download the "The Lord's Day" Prayer Guide for use in your own "community".

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