St. Therese Institute invites you to pray with us a novena for your personal intentions and the intentions of the whole Church. Beginning September 22 and ending September 30,  join us in prayer as we joyfully anticipate the celebration of our patroness' Feast Day on October 1.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021 16:18 Written by in Blog & Updates

Hot off the press ... Aleteia's beautiful article about St. Therese Institute this morning highlights the powerful witness of our amazing students and alumni!

Thursday, 05 August 2021 11:12 Written by in Blog & Updates
(update Aug. 4) BRUNO CHERRY SUNDAY: The orchard will be open for sampling and tasting, but there will be no official U-Pick offered as the crop is getting too ripe. If anyone would like to BYOBucket and pick, Everyday Farms suggets giving a donation to St. Therese Institute in lieu of payment for the cherries.
(update July 26) ADDITIONAL U-PICK DATES for the Bruno Sour Cherry orchard: FRI., JULY 25 - MON. AUG. 2, 8 am to dark.
(update July 21) FIRST U-PICK DATE for the Bruno Sour Cherry orchard: SUNDAY, JULY 25, 8 am to dark.
More dates to come, including Cherry Sunday, if the crop holds out. Refresh this page / clear your browser cache to see latest updates.
$15 for 4 litres. Bring your own pails, water bottle and sunscreen.
Orchard located behind and NE of St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission, 650 Ursuline Ave., Bruno Saskatchewan .
More info, please contact Everyday Farms ( /
Wednesday, 21 July 2021 08:55 Written by in Blog & Updates
It's here! The Summer 2021 edition of the little way magazine!

I HAVE CALLED YOU FRIENDS reflects on friendship, community and relationships — which have certainly been impacted in our lives over the past year-and-a-half — and their imporance in our Christian walk.

Follow the ReadMore link below to READ THIS ISSUE ONLINE.

Friday, 09 July 2021 10:15 in "The Little Way" Magazine TAGS
Drum roll please!
INTRODUCING our third-year STAY Students for next year!
We're SUPER EXCITED to having these 6 AMAZING YOUNG ADULTS return for a third year to facilitate and lead our student community in 2021-22!
STAY'n on, from left to right: Rachel Vandermeer , Zachary Lunghamer, Kalista Nugent, Andrea Bator, Emily Bourke and Jacob Anderson! YAY!!! ?
What is our third-year STAY program? STAY stands for St. Therese Apostolic Year. A stay is also a rope or a cable on a ship that runs from the hull to the mast providing support, stability, and strength. "These third year disciples...will provide support, stability, and strength to the good ship St. Therese, helping the winds of the Holy Spirit to fill the sails.“ (Find out more about the STAY program in our Summer 2018 edition of The Little Way Magazine:
Come on board for a nine-month cruise through the Catholic isle of faith, reason, personal growth and lifelong friendship on the Good Ship St. Therese! STUDENT APPLICATIONS for the 2021-2022 year are open at
#StThereseInstitute #IntentionalDisciples #SuperAmazingButHumblePeople
Monday, 31 May 2021 11:04 Written by in Blog & Updates
Canadian philosopher of Communication Marshall McLuhan once quipped that with communication “The medium is the message.” Nick and special guest Fr. John O’Brien reflect on this quote and it’s relevance for media literacy for Catholics in digital times.
Friday, 28 May 2021 11:29 Written by in "A Little Way-Word" Podcast TAGS

CONGRATULATIONS to the 43 AMAZING YOUNG ADULTS who journeyed, studied, prayed and lived together this year at St. Therese Institute — 27 first-, 9 second- and 7 third-year students! These unprecedented times led to an INCREDIBLE bonding between the students this year. We pray for you all as you venture forth from here as formed and faith-filled Missionary Disciples, taking the Light of Christ into the World! They will be Commissioning today by Bishop Mark Hagemoen.

Saturday, 22 May 2021 07:52 Written by in Blog & Updates
Emily Bourke, one of our amazing Second-Year Students, shares her reflection on this Sunday's GOSPEL READING for The Feast of Pentecost, MAY 23, from JOHN 20:19-23. This concludes our series of student reflections until Fall 2021. Thanks for watching & listening!
Friday, 21 May 2021 07:50 Written by in The Lord's Day — Sunday Gospel Reflections

As of July 1, Vicky Serblowski (pictured) will be stepping aside as the Executive Director of St. Therese Institute as John W. Romanowsky, PhD, assumes the position. Vicky will continue working in administration at St. Therese during the transition in leadership.

Thursday, 20 May 2021 08:58 Written by in Blog & Updates
Louise Fournier, one of our amazing Second-Year Students, shares her reflection this Sunday's GOSPEL READING for The Ascension of the Lord, MAY 16, from Mark 16:15-20. Christ is risen! Alleluia!
Saturday, 15 May 2021 12:03 Written by in The Lord's Day — Sunday Gospel Reflections
Zachary Lunghammer, one of our amazing Second-Year Students, shares his reflection this Sunday's GOSPEL READING for the SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER, MAY 9, from John 15:9-17. Christ is risen! Alleluia!
Friday, 07 May 2021 15:46 Written by in The Lord's Day — Sunday Gospel Reflections
Nick Pierlot, our Assistant Director of Formation, shares his reflection this Sunday's GOSPEL READING for the FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER, MAY 2, from John 15:1-8. Christ is risen! Alleluia!
Friday, 30 April 2021 12:16 Written by in The Lord's Day — Sunday Gospel Reflections
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the little way magazine  is published by St. Therese Institute twice per year (usualy). Its focus and purpose is to spread the spirituality of St. Thérèse of Lisieux and her "little way" as lived by the community of students embarking on St. Therese Institute's Faith Formation Program, as well as keep you informed of what has and is happening at St. Therese Institute.

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Go deeper into the Sunday Gospel, and make "keeping holy the Sabbath" a more important part of your life and a practice in your family, household or community.

One way that we strive to do this in St. Therese Institute's faith formation program is by inviting our students to participate in a weekly "The Lord's Day Celebration".

In the Jewish tradition, the new day begins at sundown (you'll see this echoed through into the Catholic tradition of having a Sunday Mass on the Saturday evening, for example). Our Lord's Day celebration begins at Saturday's supper with a short time of prayer, a reading of and reflection on the coming Sunday's Gospel reading, and then grace. After supper, a prayer of thanksgiving is said. The reflection on the Gospel is given either a student or one of our formation team. To bookend the Lord's Day, another short time of prayer precedes the Sunday supper grace, and again a prayer of thanksgiving follows supper.

Our director of Assistant Director of Formation, Nicholas Pierlot, explains more in the above video.

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